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Nice experimental flash

I think you synced the shapes very greatly with the music. Some parts weren't perfect, but it was overall very well done. The different colors and odd shapes were nice to look at. :) The only problem I noticed was that there seems to be some animation at the end without any music. I'm not sure if it's my computer or not but if it isn't you should have stopped the animation where the music stopped.

The lack of a preloader wasn't a problem for me due to the small file size. It's still not a bad idea to add one though. You can get some already made from Newgrounds and they're quite easy to add into your movie. If you still need help, people at the Flash forums wouldn't mind helping you. A replay button would also be nice.

Overall, I think this is a great first animation. With some more practice I'm sure you could make something really great (not that this is bad or anything :P). I wouldn't mind seeing more movies like this. :]

Klyptomaniac responds:

Thanks for the encouragement :) And i definitely will do all that.

Billy Mays

would be proud of this amazing flash you made of him. He would laugh and possibly even try to sell it. May he rest in peace.

Nice tribute...

to one of the best men ever seen on television. :D

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Really interesting

Everything seemed to blend very well together. Obviously, it's not super entertaining since it's more like a piece of art than a game but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The music, tone, black and white settings, and the pixelly look definitely made it a little exciting which made it easy for me to go through the entire thing. The ending wasn't very surprising but it was done fairly well so that wasn't a problem. Actually, there really wasn't much that I disliked about this. It could have been longer, but I'm not sure if that would even make it better. So I'll give this a 9/10 and hope that you make more games like these. :)


If you think this is horrible, you're looking at it as a game instead of art. I haven't been in the army, but I like the meaning behind this. The animation at the end wasn't that bad either. It went really well with the song and meaning. (If it's taking too long to press you the button, you can just hit tab and hold enter; it kind of ruins the meaning a little though).
Great job on this flash, I wish I could see more things like this. :)

Lare responds:

Not sure if sarcasm or just way too polite...

Great, nostalgic game

I loved the original doom game and it's amazing how this flash version is pretty much the same thing. It's definitely worth playing if you love Doom and if you've never played Doom, play this! Doom is really simple and yet it's extremely entertaining. :)

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Kind of catchy

I think the thing I liked most about this is how it isn't repetitive. I don't listen to a whole bunch of dance songs but the ones I have listened to tend to just loop a lot. Since this isn't repetitive, it doesn't become boring. :) I think it could do without the voice though, but that's just like my opinion. The ending was a little disappointing to me but I really loved the start, so I guess it balances out. I'm not really serious about music, so I can't answer if you are hitting all the right frequencies. :p But I liked this anyway. Great job. :]

Decibel7 responds:

Thanks a lot for the review! Haha. I may change the ending up a little later. What exactly about the voice did you not like? :D

Pretty good

I'm really not a big fan of Megaman but this sounds great. It does seem like it would work in a megaman style game though because of that "energizing" feeling it has. The only thing about this that kind of annoys me is the part at about 2:10 where it gets repetitive. Other than that, good job. :)


Whatever that thing is that starts at about 11, it's a little annoying. But it isn't too annoying. My favorite part is definitely the first ten seconds. You should have continued that. :p

Ninjic responds:

I didn't get it but thanks for the seven

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That looks amazing. :D Dragonair is one of my favorite pokemon and you made it look way better. =D


He looks great, even with the swollen eye. <3

Nacale responds:

Ha, thank you. That swollen eye is the type of eye I draw for my little animal thingies. (lol, I still don't have a name for them yet. XD)

I like it.

The background is awesome and Pikachu looks really great. This is one of the best drawings I have seen in the art portal so far. :3

PlatformSource responds:

awh really?, thankers! :)

im actualy 8 but it dosent let me put dat :(

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